About Vince Ciacci

“Mobshot” is a true crime story unlike anything you’ve ever heard…by turns harrowing, violent and chaotic. But unlike most true crime stories, this one ends in redemption. The journey is well worth taking.

Vince Ciacci was born in Little Italy, New York City, the only child of Italian immigrant parents. His mother was a controlling alcoholic, and his father, a barber, was a degenerate gambler.

As a child, Vince took to the mean streets of Manhattan, where he was bullied on a daily basis…until the day he exploded in a fit of rage and laid a devastating beating on an older kid. From that point on, his destiny was set: Rage meant power, and power meant respect. Or so he thought.

Vince became a juvenile delinquent, committing robberies until, at the age of 17, he was sent upstate to the Coxsackie Reformatory. That’s where he learned some of the brutal ways that defined much of his life. Because of his violent tendencies, he wound up serving his entire three-year sentence. When he got out, he started working for “made guys,” putting down scores, including armed robberies and loan collection.

Vince learned about the inner workings of the Mob, and his goal was to become a Mafia insider, to “get his button,” but he never made it. The rage that had made him a “tough guy” would explode in unpredictable ways, and his drug and alcohol habit made it even worse. In the end, not being “made” probably saved his life.

In due time, he wound up in Los Angeles, where things got even weirder. During this time, Vince wound up in some mind-blowing situations, most of which should have put him behind bars. Somehow he always escaped the consequences of his actions.

Today, Vince Ciacci is a men’s hair stylist in Brentwood, one of L.A.’s most fashionable neighborhoods. How he got there is a hell of a story.

“Mobshot” is produced by L.A. radio personality Gary Bryan. Additional editing and production by Kevin Couch and Jack Bryan of Radio Genius Productions, LLC.



  1. Bob Puglisi · November 6, 2015

    Nice work. Very suspenseful stuff.
    Couldn’t get the audio. Will try it again tomorrow.


  2. Anthony Gilardi · November 8, 2015

    Vince is one of my favorite people in the world!
    His story is amazing. It is time to tell it Vince. Love you.


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